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ascrion invites you to be a partner and to support this joint online partnering events. As a partner, you will be incentivised for attracting online event participants, other partners and sponsors. Not only will you receive high commissions for the revenue you raise, but your own activities will also be efficiently promoted. Your registration and participation as a partner is free of charge and enables you to generate revenue for your organisation and/or to help your members save money. There’s no financial risk involved.

All organisations that have access to a network of potential participants, e.g., members of an organisation, readers of a journal, users of a web portal or clients of a company, can jointly contribute as partners in the organisation and promotion of the joint online event. Partners can be:


  • Clusters & networks
  • Associations, federations & professional societies
  • Publishers
  • Online portals, providers of newsletters, blogs
  • Companies, ...

Responsibilities of the partner

As a partner, your primary task is to promote the joint event within your network. For this reason, you will leverage advertising and social media channels, including website, newsletter, e-mails, Linkedin, XING, Facebook, Twitter, print media, to promote the joint event as efficiently as possible. The more successful your advertising campaigns are, the more revenue you will earn.


Financial obligations of the partner

There are no financial obligations for you to become a partner. Registration and participation in the joint online event are free of charge.


Win-win situation

The concept of organising an online event together with active partners is a real win-win situation for everyone. You can generate significant revenues through the joint online event, as well as offer members of your network a cost-effective, highly efficient event format that helps them find and meet relevant cooperation and business partners on a global scale.

The major event goal of a participant, the maintenance, and especially the expansion of their professional network during their event participation, is taken into account. Best of all, your members can benefit from this joint online event without having to leave the office.

Significantly lower participation fees compared to on-site events, elimination of travel costs, significant time savings and the expected large number of participants, are just a few good reasons for a potential participant to work with us in the joint online event.


Your advantages as a partner:

New source of income: You will receive

  • 60% of the participation fees raised by you
  • 30% of sponsoring fees raised by you
  • € 500 for each new partner you successfully convince to support our joint online matchmaking*

Free event tickets: You´ll get

  • Three free tickets for your organisation plus
  • The first 10 registrations from your network will be free of charge.

Note: these free tickets will be valid only 14 days after receipt of the free ticket codes.


Get a 20% discount: You get a 20% discount on 10 of your partnering events (only applies to the top ten most successful partners).

Member recruitment: Pass on your price advantages to your members. They’ll save time, money and find new business partners faster - all good reasons for new organisations to become a member of your network or association.

Free advertising: Promote your events before, during and after the joint event for free.

  • List up to five of your onsite events on the joint event website
  • Your events will be promoted in the final event e-mail which will be sent to all participants
  • Joint event participants will be recommended to have their follow-up meetings at one of the promoted partner events

Win-win situation: The joint promotion of the event will greatly increase interest in the event. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to convince participants to register. You will earn more money or help members of your network to do so.

Green Event: You’ll be able help reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding unnecessary business trips.

Transparency: You can check the status of your income in real-time.


Terms and conditions

  1. You must agree and sign the ascrion partner agreement.
  2. You must promote our joint activity as efficiently as possible in the following mediums:
  • in your magazines, journals, newsletters and on your websites,
  • throughout your social media network (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, ...) and
  • whichever other promotion methods you have.

ascrion is pleased to welcome you as a partner with GCP-Health. We are always open to your new ideas and feedback on how to improve the concept of joint online partnering events.


Benefits for members of your network

If your members wish to present their products and ideas to potential business and cooperation partners, or are looking for investors or want to learn about new products and exciting inventions, the joint partnering event will connect them with the right people from across the globe.


Your members will benefit from:

  1. Travel costs savings: fewer business trips are necessary.
  2. Travel time savings: online meetings can be easily integrated in their daily onsite schedule.
  3. 10 free tickets per promotion partner: These free tickets for your members will be valid only 14 days after receipt of the free ticket codes.
  4. Affordable prices: only 170 – 460 € plus VAT or even up to 60% less if you pass on your 60% price advantage to your members.
  5. Global reach: the opportunity to screen for potential business partners on an international scale without wasting time and money traveling.
  6. Valuable contacts: members can present their business ideas and products in live bilateral online meetings to relevant decision-makers.
  7. Automatic scheduling: meetings will be automatically scheduled based on the availability of the meeting partners; connecting is easy for everyone.
  8. Expedited decision making: your members can invite up to four colleagues/experts to any of their online meetings for free, ensuring all the expertise needed is available in their online meetings to accelerate decision making.


Interested? Start a win-win partnership with us.


Become a partner now!



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  • Meetings Accepted171


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