Germany is one of the world’s most important providers and exporters of healthcare products and services. The country's innovative medical products set international standards for quality, safety and reliability. German manufacturers and service providers in all health and life sciences segments attract overseas customers and partners and deliver leadership in healthcare innovation.

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY is the export initiative for the German healthcare industry. It supports international companies and organizations that are interested in establishing contact with potential German partners and suppliers. Set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), the initiative bundles expert market intelligence for easy industry access. One of the initiative’s main goals is to promote the German healthcare sector through international networking activities for the mutual benefit of international partners and German companies alike. 

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY does this by providing proactive support (including market and regulatory insight), introductory services, and networking platforms including trade events at home and abroad. The initiative serves four major industries active in the international medical market: pharmaceuticals, medical technology, medical biotechnology, and digital health care.

HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY also works closely with 16 major German industry associations and is part of the BMWi's MITTELSTAND GLOBAL umbrella program for small and medium-sized enterprises. The initiative is ideally placed to provide access to German healthcare market information and to help overseas businesses identify potential German partners.

The HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY initiative is implemented by Germany Trade & Invest, the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany, on behalf of the BMWi.


Our support for your business:

  • We publish market briefs, in-depth market studies and company directories of the German healthcare industry and its different sectors.
  • Our calendar is regularly updated with the latest industry events in Germany and overseas.
  • We provide free access to 3.500+ German healthcare companies with our online database. Detailed company profiles and direct contact information help international businesses to identify potential suppliers and partners in Germany.
  • We take part in leading healthcare trade fairs all over the world, organize networking events and enjoy ongoing dialogue and exchange with international health policymakers.

    Visit for more information about the German healthcare industry and all HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY activities.


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  • Meetings Accepted171


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