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    ascrion - networking made easy

    Weimar (Lahn), Germany

    Efficient, target-oriented, economical Whether for classic on-site events (trade fairs, conferences, conventions, ...) or innovative online brokerage events, the ascrion brokerage service enables your participants to network efficiently...

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    Madrid, Spain

    At AseBio, the Spanish Bioindustry Association, we bring together and represent the interests of companies, associations, foundations, universities, technology and research centers that work in the field of biotechnology in...

  • Bio_Deutschland_Partner_2.png

    BIO Deutschland

    Berlin, Germany

    As the sector association of the German biotechnology industry, BIO Deutschland has set itself the objective of supporting and promoting the development of an innovative economic sector based on modern...

  • BioM_Partner_2_92929.png


    Munich, Germany

    BioM – accelerating medical innovation in Bavaria   BioM is the central network organization for the biotechnology sector in Munich and Bavaria, commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. As a non-profit organization,...

  • BIO_People_Partner_GCP.png


    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Biopeople is Denmark's Life Science Cluster hosted by University of Copenhagen and with hubs at Aarhus University and Aalborg University Hospital. We are part of the Danish infrastructure for innovation as established by the Ministry of Higher...

  • bioPmed_Partner.png


    Colleretto Giacosa, Italy

    bioPmed is the Piedmont (Italy) regional innovation cluster initiative focused on life sciences and health care, managed by Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero Spa. bioPmed works to stimulate innovative activity by promoting collaboration, sharing...

  • BIO_PRO_BW_Partner_GCP.png


    Stuttgart, Germany

    The innovation agency BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg comes under the auspices of the Baden-Württemberg government, Germany, and is specifically focused on medical technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry as well as to establish a...

  • Bio_River_Sponsor_GCP.png


    Düsseldorf, Germany

    Biotech, pharma and life sciences at the river Rhine The BioRiver association represents the life sciences industry in the Rhineland/Western Germany. Our member organisations are the leading international companies Bayer, Grünenthal,...

  • BioRN_Partner.png


    Heidelberg, Germany

    BioRN is the science and industry cluster of the Rhine-Main-Neckar region around Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongest biotech hubs. It is a non-profit network fostering health innovations and serving its members by creating a rich...

  • Medizin_NRW_Partner.png

    Cluster Medizin.NRW

    Dusseldorf, Germany

    Medizin.NRW is the competence platform for strategic partnerships in the field of innovative medicine in NRW. We connect the relevant players from science, economy, politics and society. We offer information, consulting and support as well...

  • Bio_Czech_Partner_GCP.png


    Jesenice u Prahy, Czech Republic

    CzechBio - Association of Czech Biotech Companies is a national platform for the biotech industry. It brings together 24 members from commercial research organizations, research institutes and academic institutions.   Since 2008...

  • Dansk_Biotek_Partner.png

    Dansk Biotek

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    DANSK BIOTEK is an industry association of Danish companies, whose core area is biotechnology applied to drug development and industrial biotechnology.    DANSK BIOTEK works actively and focused to: Increase the knowledge of...

  • Enterprise_Lithuania.png

    Enterprise Lithuania

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    Enterprise Lithuania represents companies and academia institutions which are focused on life sciences, promotes Lithuania as a new destination for life sciences trend-setters and links international companies and universities with partners in...

  • Europa_Bio_Partner2.png


    Brussels, Belgium

    VISION Innovative biotechnology benefiting people and planet  No other industrial sector enhances quality of life, knowledge, innovation, productivity and environmental protection like biotechnology, while also being beneficial for the...

  • Gene_Online_Partner_GCP.png


    Santa Clara, USA

    GeneOnline is a premium biotechnology platform delivering the latest news on global life science industry trends and genetic researches   GeneOnline provides comprehensive insights on biotech, medtech, and digital therapeutic markets...

  • Genopole_Partner_GCP.png


    Evry Cedex, France

    Founded in 1998, Genopole is the oldest and largest biocluster in France. It represents France’s leading biocluster with a special focus on life sciences. Genopole is built upon campuses and unites innovative high-tech life sciences...

  • Georgia_Bio_Partner.png

    Georgia Bio

    Atlanta, USA

    Georgia Bio is the state's trade association committed to driving growth in Georgia's biosciences industry and its many sectors, including agri-biotech, food and nutrition, bio-based technologies and renewable chemicals, industrial and...

  • HealthCapital_Partner_GCP.png

    Health Capital

    Berlin, Germany

    WELCOME TO THE HEALTHCARE INDUSTRIES CLUSTER   The German capital region is one of the world's leading locations for the healthcare industry, healthcare, and the life sciences. Leading global companies, renowned scientists, first-class...

  • Partner_HBio.png

    Hellenic Biocluster (HBIO)

    Athens, Greece

    The Hellenic Biocluster (HBIO) is the largest health and life sciences cluster in Greece.  It currently connects more than 60 partners, ranging from major pharmaceutical companies to specialized SMEs to leading research groups.  By connecting...

  • KoreaBio_Partner_Menu.png


    Seongnam-si, South Korea

    Korea Biotechnology Industry Organization (KoreaBIO) is a trade association which was established as a result of the merger between three different industry associations in the biotechnology field in November 2008. KoreaBIO promotes...



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